Is there a fee to participate in co-operative education/work-integrated learning programs?
Yes, though this answer varies depending on the academic institution. Typically, most institutions assess a program fee for each of your work terms, which offsets the costs of delivering the program, including developing job opportunities, organizing interviews, job search services including workshops, advising and practice interviews, and curriculum development to prepare students for work term success. Learn more about institution-specific program fees by visiting their websites, located in our program directory.

When would I be expected to do my first work term?
This varies with your program and your academic institution. Most four-year degree co-op programs, for example, begin in the summer after your second year. Reach out to the co-op/career services office at our institution to find out specific details.

When and how do I apply for co-op?
Again, this varies depending upon your program and institution, but it typically occurs in your first year of study. Reach out to the co-op/career services office at your institution to find out specific details so you don’t miss out!

Are jobs guaranteed?
No. You will be expected to apply for jobs via your institution’s job board and to complete a self-directed job search (by reaching out to your network or contacting prospective employers, among other tactics). Your career/co-op office will offer many services to help guide your search.

What assistance will I get as part of my job search?
Your program fee offsets the services that your co-op/career office provides, which includes workshops, networking events, job search strategies, resume reviews, practice interviews and much more. Typically, students who engage with their co-op/career office perform better on their job search than those who do not.

Can I complete a work term outside of my province of study?
Yes, you can complete a work term outside your province of study — within Canada or internationally. Students are encouraged to keep their options open by applying to jobs in different locations to improve the likelihood of securing employment.

Can international students participate?
Yes, but international students must apply to get a work term permit before they can begin to apply for work term jobs. Your co-op/career and/or international student office will guide you through the work permit process once you’ve been accepted into the program.