Funding for employers across Canada

Student Work Placement Program

The Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) offers up to $7,500 to help employers in designated sectors create new student positions. You may also stack provincial funding with SWPP funding. Remote working opportunities also qualify for funding incentives.

The following is a list of SWPP partner programs that support the hiring of students:

  1. Biotalent Canada – Student Work-Integrated Learning Program
         For employers within the biotechnology industry 
  2. Canadian Agriculture Human Resources Council - AgriTalent
         For employers agriculture industry
  3. Canadian Media Producers Association - Mentorship Student Work Placement Program
         For employers in the media producing industry
  4. Cultural Human Resources Council - Student Work Placement Program
         For employers within arts and culture sectors
  5. Canadian Council for Aerospace and Aviation (CCAA) – CCAA and the SWILP
         For employers within aerospace and aviation industries
  6. Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) – Empowering Futures: Developing Electricity Talent Through Work-Integrated Learning
         For employers within the electrical power sector
  7. Environmental Careers Organization of Canada – Wage Subsidy Program for Environmental Students
         For employers looking to hire science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics students
  8. Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium – WILWorks
         For employers in manufacturing and related sectors
  9. Pratiques RH Propulse par FCCQ - Le programming accueillez un Stagiaire 
         For all francophone and anglophone Quebec companies
  10. Food Processing Skills Canada - Student Work Placement Program +
         For employers in food and beverage manufacturing industry
  11. Information and Communication Technology Council – WIL Digital
         For employers engaging in projects within the technology sector
  12. Magnet Student Work Placement
         For registered Canadian businesses or non-profits
  13. Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) – Gearing Up: Developing Mining Talent Through Work-Integrated Learning
          For employers engaging in projects within the mining sector
  14. Ontario Chamber of Commerce - Talent Opportunities Program
         For registered Canadian businesses or non-profits (available to employers across the country)
  15. Technation – Career Ready Program
         For employers within the technology and communications sector
  16. Tourism HR Canada - Propel Student Work Placement Program
         For employers within the tourism and hospitality sector
  17. Trucking HR Canada - Student Work Placement Subsidy
         For employers within the trucking and logistics sector
  18. Venture for Canada Internship Program
         For startups or entrepreneurial projects/innovation in Atlantic Canada, BC and the Prairies

Canada Summer Jobs
Provides wage subsidies to assist not-for-profit, public sector and smaller private sector organizations with 50 or fewer employees across Canada. Learn more

Mitacs Accelerate 
Solve your research challenges with academic expertise, leveraged funding, and one-to-one support from Mitacs. Learn more

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Alliance Grant
NSERC funds collaborative research projects between universities and partner organizations that have an active role in the project’s research activities, apply project research results or play an active role in translating or mobilizing knowledge to achieve outcomes. Learn more

Science and Technology Internship Program
Provides an opportunity to recent graduates in natural science and engineering to gain relevant and meaningful work experiences within their field of study. Learn more

Young Canada Works
Young Canada Works offers eligible employers wage subsidies and access to a pool of talented youth with innovative ideas and competitive skills. Learn more

Provincial-specific funding opportunities


Small Enterprise Co-operative Placement Assistance Program (SECPAP)
A wage subsidy program providing financial support for students of co-operative programs at Memorial University of Newfoundland and College of the North Atlantic. Learn more

New Brunswick

Future New Brunswick/Avenir Nouveau Brunswick 
Future New Brunswick/Avenir Nouveau Brunswick is a provincial government program dedicated to making New Brunswick a leader in experiential education. Funding is available through the FutureNB/AvenirNB Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF) to support wage subsidies for small & medium businesses (SMEs) and not-for-profit/non-governmental organizations (NFPs/NGOs) engaging students in work-integrated learning. Funding is also available for project-based learning and other forms of experiential education. Students can access funding for transportation, housing, moving expenses, and other costs associated with experiential learning opportunities. Learn more 

FutureNB/AvenirNB Co-op
Co-op funding available directly through co-op offices at the University of New Brunswick and Université de Moncton. This funding is available to subsidize wages for co-op employers in the province of New Brunswick. Learn more: contact UNB or UMoncton

Supports students and employers in offering culturally-relevant and supportive experiential learning opportunities for Indigenous students. Funding is available for wage subsidies to support small & medium businesses (SMEs) and not-for-profit/non-governmental organizations (NFPs/NGOs) engaging Indigenous students in work-integrated learning. Funding is also available for culturally-based activities and other forms of experiential learning. Learn more 

Wage reimbursements to help provincial departments, agencies, hospital corporations, community colleges or universities employ students in post-secondary co-operative education programs. Learn more

Nova Scotia

Co-op Education Incentive
The Co-op Education Incentive provides wage assistance to private sector, government-funded and non-profit organizations in Nova Scotia who offer career-related work experiences for co-op students. Learn more

Emerging Now
Provides wage subsidies to Nova Scotia-based small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve their organizational productivity and make advancements in manufacturing modernization. Learn more

Graduate to Opportunity (GTO)
GTO provides salary contributions to employers to offset the cost of hiring a recent graduate and assist post-secondary graduates find career opportunities in Nova Scotia. Learn more

Innovate to Opportunity (ITO)
Innovate to Opportunity helps recent masters and PhD graduates start their careers while helping businesses become research and innovation focused. The program pairs recent graduates with businesses that are focused on research and innovation. Learn more

Student Summer Skills Incentive (SKILL)
SKILL partners with not-for-profit organizations to create career-related summer jobs for post-secondary students. The jobs are distributed across the province based on population and unemployment for each county. Learn more